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Small Kitchen Solutions

Small kitchens can be a challenge—storage is scare, space is tight and the room itself can feel claustrophobic. If you have a small kitchen, are you doomed to order takeout every night, to avoid cooking in a cave? Not if you apply these small kitchen solutions.

Cabinet Space Solutions

vh5Storage is a constant issue in small kitchens, so no space should be wasted. Here are 3 ways to maximize your kitchen cabinetry:


Re-set interior shelves, add dividers or additional shelves, or place organizers inside cabinets so that you can use all the space, and still get to everything you need.


Access wasted space.

Adding pull-outs to extra-deep cabinets makes it possible to use the space that’s often wasted.

3 Add cabinets above.

Empty space or soffits above cabinets equals wasted space. Instead, add small cabinets above main cabinetry and store rarely used items there.

Lighting Solutions

vh6Small spaces feel claustrophobic. Use color and light to open up your kitchen.


A fresh coat of paint instantly brightens any room. Choose a light, airy color. There’s no need to stick to white or off-white—mix in a bit of color or choose a tinted paint for a touch of color without making walls too dark.


Remove heavy curtains or shades.

Let the light in—open up windows to maximize light. If privacy is an issue, choose blinds or shades that can be left up during the day, or pick a light, gauzy fabric for curtains.


Choose light-colored flooring.

A dark floor absorbs light. Instead, choose a light-colored hardwood, such as maple, or light colored tile or linoleum.

Furniture Solutions

vh8Too much furniture, or pieces that are too large for the room make a small kitchen feel even smaller. Avoid the constant irritation of tripping over furnishings by finding the right furniture solutions.

1Choose the right kitchen table.

A drop-leaf table allows you to extend your dining space when needed, but fold it up the rest of the day. Corner seating works well for some kitchens, and keeps dining space tucked away from prep areas.

2Keep other furniture to a minimum.

Cupboards, large prep tables and other bulky pieces overwhelm a small kitchen. Stick to smaller furniture that is functional without taking up a large amount of space. Small butcher-block carts with wheels provide storage and prep surface, then can be moved into a corner out of the way.

3Minimize rugs.

Too many rugs on a tiny floor break up the clean lines of your flooring. Most rugs act as accessories—choose one or two small rugs and leave the rest of the floor bare.